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Jintai has been focusing on the R & D and production of all kinds of bulldozers, excavators and accessories. We will provide you with the best quality products and services.

Our scale

Founded in 2004, the company has become a manufacturer of engineering machinery parts with more than 60000 square meters of land after years of development.

Our technology

The company strictly follows the ISO international quality management system, and actively adopts international high-tech, using international leading high-precision equipment for finishing, and the product quality has reached the international leading level.

Our talent

Through the development of the company in recent years, and continue to attract high-end talents to join, now there are more than 70 mechanical senior technical personnel, undergraduate and above technical personnel accounted for 17.

Our products

The company has developed more than 300 kinds of product categories, products cover all kinds of bulldozers, bulldozer four-wheel belt and accessories, products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions.

Our honor

he company has passed ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification, and the products are excellent and have been rated as high-quality suppliers by the host factory for many times.

Our services

The company strictly implements the concept of "customer first", has excellent customers and after-sales service team, and provides technical support and after-sales service for you 7 * 24 hours.



The combined track chain is elaborately cast with high-precision technique.Each pitch has perfect engagement.It guarantees the fase walking speed and excellent rotating performance of the excavator with high-standard quality.Its characteristic of light weight,high strength,simple structure and reasonable price can create more value for customers.

Our track shoes with high wear-resistant after heat treatment .The choice of raw materials,high-tech heat treatment and the sophisticated skill improve the flexibility,high-strength wear resistance and service life of the track shoe in a comprehensive way,guarantees the super-strength smooth-going movement of the excavator and creates more value for customers.

Single or double flange track roller is suitable for 1.5-55ton crawler excavator and special machinery; Biconical seal and lifetime lubrication design enable the bearing wheel to have longer life and perfect usability in any condition; The roller shell manufactured with hot casting treatment with excellent distribution structure of fiber current inernal material; Differential or through-feed quenching heat treatment with anti-crack effect;

Single-flange or double-flange carrier roller is suitable for 1.5 to 55-ton excavator and crawler driling equipement; Biconical seal and lifetime lubrication design enable the carrier roller to have longer life and perfect usability in any condition;

Idler with a wide range of choices is suitable for 1.5 to 55-ton crawler excavator and special machinery; There are cast and welded idlers; With special heat treatment process,it has longer service life,and can bear heavy load and prevent crack to the greatest extent;



The sprocket with complete models and types can be used for 1.5 to 55-ton excavating equipment; Effective depth of quenching ensures wear resistance,greatly increases service life;



If you want to be our distributor, you must have independent enterprise legal person or natural person. Have good market development ability or industry sales network, have certain sales experience of construction machinery parts.

1. There is no other distributor of our brand in this area. 2. Your company has no agent for the products and brands that conflict with our company. 3. It must have independent enterprise legal person or natural person.

After becoming our distributor, your company is free to cooperate with other companies, except the products and brands that conflict with our company.

We give special treatment to the distributors and protect the exclusive rights of the brand in the region.

If you want to join Jintai, please call the distribution hotline: